(Review originally written at 7 October 2008)

This is actually a quite lame comedy with some extremely childish humor but it all still somewhat works out due to the presence of the legendary Ali G character in it all.

Even though this movie has basically nothing to do with the "Da Ali G Show" the character still works out as well in this movie. It's of course a ridicules and outrageous character but he's all the more hilarious because of it. It's obviously a satire on the whole rap and hip hop scene and it's still Sacha Baron Cohen most legendary character, despite the successes he has had with Borat and BrĂ¼no.

The movie has some very childish humor, which mostly is about sex and it has an almost non-existent story. It's just the kind of movie in which the story really doesn't matter. It's all purely about the main character. Even the lamest and most predictable movie in this movie will still surely make you laugh a couple of times. "Ali G Indahouse" is not the most hilarious movie ever made or the best thing Sacha Baron Cohen has done in his life but it's good enough for a couple of dumb silly laughs. Still the movie gives you the feeling it has more misses than hits in it but jokes are bombarded at you so fast that you just tend to sort of forget the movie its weaker moments and enjoy the movie its more funny moments.

Quite amazing actually that respected actors such as Michael Gambon and Charles Dance appeared in this type of movie. Or perhaps they knew of Ali G's success and just wanted to be a part of it. Still I feel that when looking back at it they won't regard this as their finest moment.

Good enough for a couple of dumb laughs.


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