(Review originally written at 8 October 2008)

Loose from its last 30 minutes or so this movie really isn't anything too greatly written or something too exciting too watch.

Seems to me that a story is almost non-existent in the first part of the movie, or at least it isn't anything to renewing or exciting. For an adventure movie this movie is certainly lacking with its adventure and exciting and spectacular moments. The movie begins well but it then not much later begins to sort of drag, when the movie more starts to rely on its three main characters, who just aren't good enough on their own and are only fun when they are together.

There isn't always a too great balance between the movie its light amusement and the movie its more serious tone. Because of this mostly the more serious tone of the movie doesn't always quite work out. The movie foremost focuses on its fun and adventurous aspects that also at times fall short however. Guess you could also say that the movie just hasn't aged too well and that this was still a better movie to watch in 1939 than it is now days. Much have been quite refreshing and spectacular for 1939 standards, especially it's action sequences.

But of course it's not an horrible movie or one that I hated watching. I actually quite liked it but for a movie with such an high rating and the status of a classic it's just a slightly disappointing one. The movie is not horrible by any means but just not much special either. It's average in basically every way thinkable, which doesn't make the movie bad but just a good and fun enough movie to pass some time.

The movie is mostly enjoyable to watch when its action kicks in. The movie also often features some large scale action and battle sequences, which are of course always something special to watch. 

Especially the final battle sequence is quite epic and enjoyable to watch. I just wish I could say that the movie as a whole was also an epic one to watch but its very simplistic- and not present enough story is the foremost reason why "Gunga Din" isn't a classic '30's adventure movie in my book.

Of course the movie its cast should be reason enough already for the movie to be a watchable one. Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Joan Fontaine were all big stars at the time. Sam Jaffe was just a beginning actor at the time of this movie, as weird as it might sound, considering that he already was close to his 50's at the time of making this movie.

Good and fun enough to watch but it doesn't fully live up to its reputation.


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