(Review originally written at 27 December 2008)

This really started off as a fine enjoyable, typical '80's campy horror/comedy but the movie unfortunately became worse and worse to watch as it progressed.

The movie realized it wasn't a brilliant one and it compensated this with it's silly fun and camp value. This however doesn't mean that the movie can just get away with everything, especially not when it throws away most of its fun and decides to turn into an occult horror movie, in which just nothing interesting ever happens.

What are even Ghoulies? And what do they want? This movie its story is so bad that it doesn't even bother to explain anything. Besides, it isn't being very original in any way and it 'borrows' a lot from different horror movies. But the foremost problem remains the story. It just doesn't seem to have a point in it and it isn't really ever heading anywhere.

As an horror flick it also is definitely lacking in some good horror. The movie isn't providing any scares and even though it has a decent atmosphere, it doesn't ever make the movie a tense, mysterious or exciting one to watch. Perhaps they could had spiced things up a little bit more with some good gore but the movie mostly remains on the clean and safe side. The special effects, make-up and puppets and all also aren't always too convincing looking, which adds to the camp-level of the movie but also is a killer for the movie its horror and just story in general.

The movie must had done something right though. It became quite a big box office success. It only had a 1 million dollar budget but the profit was 35 times that amount. After this they also made 3 more sequels, which supposedly are all even worse than this establishment, which is a real accomplishment on its own. I'm still gonna watch them though, being the nut I am.

Decent and entertaining first halve, pretty bad second halve, make an overall lacking horror/comedy.


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