(Review originally written at 26 March 2005)

In "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" we get to see different characters in their purest form. All of the characters are understandable and easy to relate to in all of their actions. It makes the emotions and drama elements in this movie feel all very real.

For fans of Scandinavian cinema this movie is nothing new. Movies like this are getting made for years now over there. "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" however reaches a wider range of people and make more people see the beauty and brilliance of slow cinema, in which everything is build up very slow and the story is told like a documentary like observation of the different characters.

Man and was Leonardo DiCaprio brilliant in this! Even the most hardened DiCaprio hater should have to admit this. He is totally believable as a mentally-challenged young boy. He really stole the show. Also the rest of the cast is more than great. Johnny Depp is as good as always and Mary Steenburgen and Darlene Cates also know to impress.

Yet the movie is more than just an emotional drama, it also knows how to be funny and entertaining about certain things at the right times without making the movie less powerful in any way.

There really is nothing wrong with the piece of cinema brilliance and everything is simply perfect and works very well.


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