(Review originally written at 25 March 2005)

This movie was a pleasant surprise. I remember when first seeing this movie I expected it to be a Disney like kid movie. (I believe it was also advertised like one?) I was really surprised that it was actually fairly action filled. Still "Dragonheart" is way more than just an adventurous action movie with dragons and knights, it's a movie that has a soul and is heartwarming. I think I'm in love with this movie...

For 1996 standards the special effects look really superb, the dragon Draco is very convincing and Sean Connery's voice helps bringing him to live. Sir John Gielgud also provides his voice, for King Arthur in a uncredited role, in a small but effective and powerful scene.

Above all the movie is mainly fun and very entertaining. The story is adventurous and it has all the elements you could expect from a movie set in the medieval days, meaning lot's of sword fights and evil stereotyped villains. Jason Isaac's plays a fairly small but oh so fun villain role.

I guess what makes the movie really good is the musical score by Randy Edelman that really lift's the movie up to an incredible high level, I'm quite sure that without the music the movie wouldn't had been so powerful, emotional and spectacular.

The movie really is perfect warm entertainment for the entire family, although I wouldn't recommend it to very young children. The story might sound like a kid movie but in fact it's not. There are some pretty violent moments but still above all the movie is entertaining as well as heartwarming and the ending might even bring some tears to your eyes.

It really is a movie that I enjoy seeing over and over again.


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