(Review originally written at 1 March 2006)

"Undead" had a good and promising beginning. However, as the movie more and more progressed everything began to drag on and the movie even began to irritate me at points. The story seemed to go nowhere and all of the character were way too shallow to make this movie an interesting or good one.

The movie is a real gore-fest though. All the gore makes it obvious that this is a Independent-movie that you're watching. To be honest, the gore was the only element of the movie that I really liked and worked out fine. The make-up effects were fantastic.

Plain and simple, the movie was too amateur-like at times for me. Obviously the Spierig brothers still have lots of learning to do about film-making. Not everything in the movie always flows and the storytelling is below par at times, probably also due to the poor and simple editing. Also the special effects were far from convincing. Even worse was the horrible musical score. It's the sort of score, a 12-year old come make these days, on his or hers IMac. It was absolutely horrendous at times and it worked extremely irritating.

Also the actors were obviously not the most talented in the business. But it were also the characters that they portrayed who were very lacking. Every character in the movie is extremely shallow and the movie lacked a real good main, likable character. The heroic character of the movie looked very much like Torgo from "'Manos': The Hands of Fate". Not a great look for a hero, even if it was intentional and on top of that the actor that portrayed him did it way too over-the-top.

I'm not to sure how to regard this movie. The movie has a totally serious atmosphere and story most of the times but still it has many comedy-elements in it but yet for a comedy it isn't smart and certainly not witty enough. Because of this, the balance between the comedy-horror- and science-fiction elements ended up being extremely flawed. At times you don't know whether to laugh or be terrified. the movie-makers obviously also couldn't make up their mind if they wanted to create a totally serious movie, or a comical one. It all doesn't always make "Undead" a pleasant and easy movie to watch.

Nice try, better luck next time.


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