(Review originally written at 1 March 2006)

Of course most blockbuster are 'dumb' and over-the-top movies, with a simple and silly story and shallow characters. "Godzilla" however really pushes it at times. The movie is at times insulting to our intelligence and the story and storytelling is heavily lacking. Still "Godzilla" does what it's supposed to do; It brings more than enough entertainment to have a pleasant evening.

The movie has almost totally nothing to do with the Japanese versions of Godzilla (or better said; Gojira.). It has a totally different atmosphere, feeling and approach. "Godzilla" is a very Hollywoodized version of the well known Japanese creature. No wonder most of the fans of the Japanese movies were extremely disappointing with this movie and perhaps even mad. Still, if you have to judge the movie for what it is, you still come to the conclusion that "Godzilla" has an entertainment value.

It's too bad that the story and storytelling of it in the movie are so weak. The movie is incredibly simple and the movie lacks some fundamental things, a movie of this proportion needs. The movie lacks a real good and likable main character and exciting memorable scene's. Sure there are action-sequences in the movie but it honestly isn't something that we haven't already seen before. The movie lacks a real feeling of danger and panic. I mean, hello there's a giant lizard walking loose in New York, causing mayhem but yet nobody is busy surviving or is in real panic. Some of the elements in the movie are unbelievably bad and insulting to the viewer's its intelligence. It's just all too simple to leave a real lasting impression. Also the dialog is just plain bad at times.

The special effects are good. Seriously, come on what is everybody complaining about? The special effects are convincing, especially considering that this is a 1998 movie. Yes, the movie is made deliberately dark and rainy to conceal the fact that the special effects aren't that advanced yet but hey it works doesn't it? It might not all impress very much but it's all very convincing looking.

Roland Emmerich certainly isn't a bad blockbuster movie-maker but he really pushed it with this movie at times. There are still some good and entertaining moments in the movie which all still makes this movie a very watchable one. Also the musical score from action-movie composer David Arnold is quite good.

Good enough entertainment, that perhaps deserves just a little bit more credit than it's getting right now at the moment.


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