(Review originally written at 3 March 2006)

The movie has some messy storytelling and most of the elements in the movie don't really work out.

This movie certainly isn't a terribly interesting to watch. It's a bit of a psychological thriller but it isn't scary, tense or compelling enough to call it a good one. It has a good concept but the end result is pretty disappointing.

Main reason why the movie is a bit of a failed one is because of the weak storytelling. Most of the elements in the movie feel very muddled, especially the ending and at times it takes ages before something really interesting to happen in the movie. It isn't exactly a dull movie though, it's more like an uninteresting one, even though the story itself really isn't a bad one.

The characters are portrayed nicely in the story but to be frank, they were to boring and distant to feel for. Patricia Neal, who also had a stroke in real life, prior to this movie, is a good leading lady and also good was Nicholas Clay in his very first movie appearance. He does provide the movie with some good moments but it all simply is not enough to make the movie interesting and recommendable enough.

From a movie with Patricia Neal, Roald Dahl and Bernard Herrmann involved, some more fireworks was to be expected.


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