(Review originally written at 23 December 2005)

"Timeline" is a movie that sounds good on paper but as a movie it falls flat. This is due to several reasons of which the cast and the script are a few.

I really enjoy time travel movies in which 2 different cultures and times collapse. It's always good for some entertainment and an imaginative story. Than how comes "Timeline" doesn't work as entertainment? Well, mainly because it's simply not entertaining. From a director like Richard Donner you should and could expect some more entertainment and fun. The movie takes itself very serious, which makes the story uninteresting and at times also hard to follow. Basically the movie is about the British and French fighting each other, without us ever fully understanding why, or caring about it. The story had all the potential of becoming a sort of new 'Indiana Jones' like adventure movie but unfortunately the end result is far from that. At times the story gets incredibly lame and predictable.

The movie is terribly miscast. Basically all of the archaeological roles, are terribly miscast and no one is believable enough in their roles. There are some good actors in this movie but they are however not suited for their roles in this movie. Because of the odd casting choices, we also never really get to care, or know the characters well enough. The movie also lacks a good real main villain, with some clear motivations.

In a time when we are accustomed to movie fights like in "Gladiator" or the Lord of the Rings movies, you have to come to the simple conclusion that the fight sequences in "Timeline" are a disappointment. The scene's are relatively cheap looking and lack a sense of scale.

The movie isn't bad looking and there are still some good scene's though. Also the musical score by Brian Tyler was a good one, even though I would had still prefer Jerry Goldsmith of course.

Not entertaining enough and the story and characters fully prevent this movie from being a good one.


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