(Review originally written at 22 December 2005)

This movie is among the best of the '60's. It's a definite must see due to its magnificent acting and compelling storytelling.

"Bonnie and Clyde" is a very entertaining movie and tells the somewhat changed and romanticized true story of the famous bank robbing couple and their gang. The story is brought lightly and with quite some humor which makes this movie a pleasant one to watch, even though of course the story itself is quite heavy.

What makes "Bonnie and Clyde" truly a memorable movie, are the acting performances. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are truly great as Bonnie and Clyde and the supporting cast is strong. It features a young and unknown Gene Hackman and Gene Wilder. Wilder already showed his comical talent in a small and entertaining funny role in this movie. One year later he would receive real fame for playing in the movie "The Producers" directed by Mel Brooks.

The story of the movie is very intriguing, original and interesting to follow. It's rare for a movie that you cheer for the bad guys. If it hadn't been based on a true story, "Bonnie and Clyde" would had been a very unbelievable and unlikely movie to watch but knowing that all of it really happened makes the movie interesting and a wonderful experience to watch.

The movie beautifully recreates a '30's American atmosphere, with some fine looking cars, sets and costumes.

This movie is definitely one of the must sees from the '60's and is an absolutely perfect and entertaining movie to watch, time after time.


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