(Review originally written at 24 December 2005)

This movie is unusual and refreshingly original. It shows that animated movies can really be a form of art and a great medium to tell a story with. The movie is highly unusual in terms of style and story. The movie has a refreshing and original own visual style and a story that is quite ridicules but at the same time charming and intriguing.

The character animation and the animation in general are magnificent and truly original. All of the character have an unique and odd over-the-top and stereotypical look. The characters are really what makes this movie so much fun to watch. The look of the movie is very refreshing and are totally different from any other animated movie.

Especially to those who don't like or are accustomed to reading subtitles, don't let the French language scare you of. The movie doesn't have any spoken lines and in theory you can watch this movie with the sound of (although you won't be able then to hear those catchy great tunes). The movie its visuals really tell the story on its own and it makes the unusual and odd story a treat to follow, also thanks to the charming suiting music and songs.

But the story really isn't the most important element of the movie. It really are the visuals and characters that make this movie an unique viewing experience with some unforgettable characters and moments in it.

I really enjoyed this movie and I'm truly looking forward to new Sylvain Chomet animated projects.


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