(Review originally written at 3 June 2005)

Man, this movie its humor was cruel. Even crueler than "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut". I still can't understand how Trey Parker and Matt Stone ever got away with this. It's hilarious for most parts but still they also crosses the border a times in my opinion.

First of all this movie makes a perfect political statement. It shows lot's of stereotypes and perfectly spoofs the American patriotism and naivity. It doesn't only make a political statement but also an 'Hollywood-statement', as the movie also makes fun of action movies and in particular Jerry Bruckheimer productions. But even worser off are actors in the movie, actors like Matt Damon, Samuel L. Jackson, Helen Hunt, Sean Penn, Martin Sheen etc and F.A.G. leader Alec Baldwin. Still the movie's statement and message isn't as powerful as for instance "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut" was.

Obviously this movie can be seen as one huge protest against the Bush-administration which makes it a peculiar fact that Bush isn't a even a character, or as a matter of fact, he isn't even mentioned but yet they find it appropriate to spoof Hans Blix? Don't get me wrong, the Hans Blix scene's were absolutely hilarious but it's just a bit peculiar and maybe even coward by Parker and Stone to do so.

Spectacular was the action of this movie, with over-the-top slow-motion and totally hilarious fist-fights. Just like "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut" the movie looks extremely doltish (no phun intended) but the movie itself is absolutely brilliant and extremely well made and constructed, also helped by the extremely over-the-top and brilliant musical score by Harry Gregson-Williams, who perfectly spoofs his own work and that of his Media Ventures colleagues.

The movie mostly is extremely cruel but very hilarious. Still at moments the movie really pushes it and simply goes too far in its humor and graphics. The story is nothing memorable and to be honest the villains were disappointing.

Still the movie deserves all the praise it has gotten, for the movie really works well in most parts, both as a political statement as well as a comedy-movie.


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