(Review originally written at 3 June 2005)
This movie really reminded me of an Z-movie from the '50's. Only difference is that this movie doesn't even have a camp value. In other words, this movie is just plain bad!

It's extremely odd to see how this movie tries to mix the '70's hippie culture with classic horror movie characters. I still don't understand why Dracula and the Frankenstein monster were even in this movie. On top of that, the two of them never looked worse in a movie. Their characters add nothing to the story and it seems like they were only used to get good advertisement for the movie but I seriously doubt that it worked though.

Real 'monster' of the movie is Groton played by Lon Chaney Jr. It's sad that this role had to be his last. Not a worthy ending for a wonderful career in horror-movies.

The movie looks like it had a $100 budget and the computer effects looked like the 'Super Mario' games.

Regina Carrol is absolutely horrible as an actress and I'm sure that they cast her only because of her two, more talented screen fillers. Jim Davis isn't a bad actor but what was exactly the point of his character? The movie is filled with some other more needless characters and the movie is filled with some pointless moments that adds very little to the story.

Basically the movie is just very poorly made. Poorly directed and poorly edited at times and most certainly poorly acted. I kind of liked the 'James Bond' like opening credits and music though!


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