(Review originally written at 31 May 2005)

The movie is highly enjoyable crossover of the classic horror characters the Frankenstein monster and the Wolf man, played in this movie by the equally legendary Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr.

Did you watched this movie Stephen Sommers? This movie is how "Van Helsing" more should had been. You don't need fancy special effects and quick action to tell an horror story, it certainly wasn't respectful for the classic characters and classic horror movies in general. This movie shows that all you need to make a good horror movie are good horror characters, the rest is than already of minor importance.

The story for instance is of minor importance. The story is pretty silly and weak at times and they try too hard to give a good reason why the Wolf Man and the Frankenstein monster are in this movie together. The result is pretty silly at times but also at the same time still very enjoyable to watch all. I mean the Frankenstein monster and the Wolf Man in one movie? Which horror fan will not enjoy this great concept.

Unfortunalty the movie is nothing more than just enjoyable. It never gets scary and it lacks a good strong flowing story. The movie itself is also pretty forgettable. Still its pretty fun to see some references to other Frankenstein and Wolf Man movies. Also the typical over-dramatized music was quite awful to listen to.

Simply a must see for the fans but everyone else can better skip this one.


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