(Review originally written at 10 August 2006)

This could had really been a fun movie to watch. if it only had a more interesting story that also made sense. The story is about as uninteresting and not-engaging as it can get and is filled with improbabilities and unexplained things. Because of this you can't really enjoy this movie for what it is, since the jokes and characters don't really work out either because of these reasons.

Why on Earth would models rob banks and how ever did the Jennifer Esposito character fall for the Jimmy Fallon character? Just a few things that just don't make sense in the movie. The movie simply chooses not to bother to explain things. It makes "Taxi" a very shallow and simple movie, that is professionally made and looking but serious lacking in its substance. Because of this you can't really enjoy watching this movie either, although it certainly had potential, in its core.

There are some fine actors in this movie. Queen Latifah is an Oscar nominated actress for a good reason; she is great! Even in a role like this. But seriously, she needs to stop doing these sort of simple movie, she is above that sort of movies. Jimmy Fallon is a good comedy actor but he is highly unlikely in his role as an undercover cop. Jennifer Esposito also isn't exactly credible in her role as police lieutenant. She is far too hot looking for that. OK that probably sounded sexist but it's true. Her looks really don't help to make her look believable in her role. There also are some smaller roles for well known actors such as Henry Simmons and Ann-Margret. The movie lacks a true great main villain. Gisele Bundchen plays the main villain in this movie but she doesn't exactly get much interesting to do to make here look like a cruel and believable villain. The only interesting moment with her is when she frisks the Jennifer Esposito character. Oh boy, here I go sounding sexist again but my God that scene was HOT! Guess that sequence alone is the only reason for still watching this movie.

The movie is professionally made and it has some good car stunts in it. They still bring some excitement to the movie and its story but its not all quite good enough to make this movie still a good and recommendable one. The directing however is flawed, or else the movie would at least had been more fun to watch. The combination of the flawed weak script and uninspiring formulaic directing from Tim Story make "Taxi" a failed attempt to make a fun joyful entertaining movie. If only Luc Besson also directed instead of just producing it...Who knows, perhaps he would had made the movie its weak story still work and transformed the movie into a more fun and engaging one to watch.

Stick to the French Taxi movie(s) instead. At least they're more fun to watch.


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