(Review originally written at 10 August 2006)

This movie certainly does justice to its title.

It takes a while for the movie to take shape and pace, after all, this is one of the earliest Laurel & Hardy movies, from the period when they obviously were still searching for the right style. However after the movie its slow ending the movie really starts to take pace and become interesting from the moment the two boys are at the dentist. The movie becomes a good old fashioned laugh fest from that point on.

The bits at the dentist were already great but the movie gets even better in the ending, when the boys are extremely high from the laughing gas they got exposed to at the dentist. They get into trouble with the police officer played by Edgar Kennedy, who tries to control the traffic but of course the seriously high boys keep messing things and traffic up with their car.

The movie consists out of some great slapstick moments and some hilarious comical situations. Also the very last scene is one to remember, also because of the fact that it's so totally random. It makes it all the more hilarious.

All in all this is a surprisingly good and entertaining Laurel & Hardy silent comedy short, especially when considering that this movie was from their begin-period.


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