(Review originally written at 9 August 2006)

I remember when this movie first trailers came around. It looked like a fun movie but above all also a fast paced one with lots of action and thriller elements. However very little of this can be seen back into this movie. A really wasted opportunity, for it's premise was a good one and a rather interestingly original one as well.

Maybe I expected too much, since Kevin Williamson, the man behind the Scream movies was at the helm of this movie. The movie turned out to be not quite good or tense enough for a thriller and too serious and weak for a fun comedy. Therefor I can't help regarding "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" as a failed movie, that misses its target.

They could had done so much interesting with this movie its story but basically rarely anything tense or remarkable occurs. Mrs. Tingle spends about three quarters of the movie lying tied on bed. They could have let here character manipulate all of the students in a slick and bitchy way, to set them up against each other. The movie does this but it really doesn't go far enough in this. The movie remains pretty shallow because of this and it lacks some good tension and creativity. Not that it's boring but it isn't terrible interesting either.

It's also a waste of Helen Mirren's talent. This is not a role we see her often in. She does provide the movie with some really excellent moments but the script offers her little really interesting to do.

Nothing wrong with the rest of the cast either really. Katie Holmes really isn't bad in it and so isn't Barry Watson, who I think they tried to launch as the new Johnny Depp, who also started his career in a movie with a similar style as this one; "A Nightmare on Elm Street" but he never made it and he already is a forgotten actor. Jeffrey Tambor plays a fun role and so does Molly Ringwald, who's role is obviously referring to her image of queen of high-school movies.

The movie could had really used some more pace, action and tension. It now instead is a rather shallow movie in which too little (interesting) is happening. It still is a somewhat fun movie to watch and obviously not one to take very serious but it all isn't quite enough to make this movie stand out.


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