(Review originally written at 18 April 2004)

The movie tells 5 different creepy stories. It's the same concept used later in "Twilight Zone: The Movie".

Of course some of the stories are good and some of the them are bad. Once you start thinking about it, all of the stories are actually kind of ridiculous in a way but that doesn't mean it is not entertaining to watch, especially not for those that are fan of the genre.

Unlike so many other old horror movies, this movie actually gets creepy and scary at times.

Peter Cushing plays a role in which I have never seen him before. Mostly he always plays the same character, the bad guy, or when Christopher Lee is also in the movie he plays the good guy, it's as simple as that. However not in this movie, he really plays an heartwarming and charming character which was a real surprise to me. Can I say that this is one of Cushing's best roles ever?

An enjoyable horror flick that is prefect to kill some time with.


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