(Review originally written at 30 April 2004)

"Hitler: The Rise of Evil" can be seen as a documentary with actors. It is interesting and educative to watch but too compressed and political correct at times. This TV movie could have used so more guts.

Robert Carlyle was impressive as Hitler, helped by some subtle make-up effects. It's too bad that the rest of the supporting cast doesn't know to impress. Most of them just stay empty character with faces but without names. Peter O'Toole's small roll however was nice. The character the movie focuses on aren't always logical, it fails to focus on the interesting key element persons and those that are present are mostly nothing more as small cameo's.
It is interesting that this movie also has some impressive WW I sequences in which Hitler fought as a soldier.

The movie helps you to understand (not sympathize) how a man such as Hitler gained so much support politically and from the German people which is mainly why this movie is educative and important for people to see to help them understand. It's too bad that the movie stops just when it gets interesting, it was almost like they ran out of money and had to came up with an ending quickly.

Interesting and educative.


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