(Review originally written at 9 August 2005)

This movie makes a totally pointless impression. The story and characters are totally uninteresting and the movie is way too long. None of Verhoeven's style and excellence are present in this movie, so not even fans of him will get a kick out of this.

This is a movie with basically zero story. The movie is not really heading anywhere and the characters certainly don't make this movie more interesting either. Nomi Malone is a pretty weird character if you ask me. It is unclear at times what she exactly wants and she keeps changing her mind time after time which gets a little annoying after a while. A movie were you already don't understand the main character is per definition already a bad one of course. It really is the pointless story and the not understandable characters that ruin this movie.

The movie takes itself way too serious. I have the feeling that the movie would had been better had it more humor and satire in it. But none of Verhoeven's typical humor is present in the movie. The only typical Verhoeven aspect present in this movie is nudity but besides that, there is no other way that you can tell that Verhoeven directed this movie.

The nudity might be about the only thing this movie deserves credit for. I mean, this is finally a movie that isn't afraid to show total nudity and the main actresses aren't afraid to take of all their clothes and do some explicit scenes.

It isn't really that bad as a movie, I mean it is still a movie that had been made with lots of flair and style but the totally pointless, uninteresting and ridicules story makes this a movie that you probably would be better of not watching.


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