(Review originally written at 9 August 2005)

This movie creates a good realistic and powerful atmosphere but the story is just absolutely ridicules and highly unlikely. So, the realistic atmosphere of the movie is in deep contrast with the story which makes this movie nothing more than an average action/war movie.

The movie can perhaps be best described as a mix between "Saving Private Ryan" and "Predator" (without the Predator being in it, of course). The movie has a realistic atmosphere like "Saving Private Ryan" and the action from "Predator". Also both the stories from "Saving Private Ryan" and "Predator" show certain parallels with this movie. So, no terribly original this movie isn't but on top of that the movie also features some highly unlikely plot-lines that were just simply ridiculous at times. I'm not going to spoil it for you but when you see the movie you'll know what I mean.

The movie features some nice action moments and some graphic moments. But yet the movie also has some nicely done emotional sequences, without ever going over-the-top with them.

Having Bruce Willis staring in an action movie is never a bad thing and it is also always nice to see Tom Skerritt in a big production. The characters however never really become really interesting and of some characters you don't even get to know their names, simply because they all look too much alike, I am especially talking about all the Navy SEAL characters here.

The music by Hans Zimmer and friends is perhaps a bit underrated and is worth listening to and is truly something that helps to add to the movie its atmosphere.

All in all, if you like action movies this movie is still a perfectly watchable one for you. Its simple good entertainment and emotional at the right moments.


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