(Review originally written at 9 August 2005)

Dear oh dear...I liked the first 2 Blade movies very much and thought they were perfect horror/action entertainment, so I kind of expected the same thing from "Blade: Trinity". The movie however turned out to be a terrible mess with an incredibly awfully told story and sidekicks that became more interesting and better than Blade himself. You know something is terribly wrong when you're care way more and are more interested in the sidekicks than in the main title character.

Man to blame is director David S. Goyer. This guy is no director, let him stick to produce and writing movies. He tells the movie its story in such an incredibly messy and uninteresting way that I kept losing track, not because the story was that complicated but because it was told in such a completely messy way. The movie felt terribly incoherent like none of the scene's were really connected with each other. Also the fight scene's that were perhaps the best elements of the previous two Blade movies were disappointing in this third Blade entry. They were filmed with little flair and the terrible editing made it impossible to tell at times what was exactly happening on the screen. Yes, this movie features the worst editing I have seen in a while but that is what happens when you have three editors on the job.

The new characters Hannibal King and Abigail Whistler (really, did she had to be Whistler's daughter? That served absolutely no purpose and was nothing more than just a lame, pointless story addition.) are cool and interesting. At least more interesting than Blade! They add a lot of humor and style to the movie and they are about the two only successful things about this movie. OK The cinematography by Gabriel Beristain might be a third successful thing about the movie but it ends right after there really.

The villains are also a disappointing element of the movie. I mean ├╝ber-vampire Dracula is in this, you would expect something more from a character like that but he has got very little to do and its unclear what exactly his motivations are and what he is trying to achieve.

I feel that "Blade: Trinity" still could had been a good movie, with a different, better and more experienced director at the helm. Couldn't they just had waited until director Guillermo Del Toro became available again?

This movie makes a terrible messy impression and feels like a lame excuse to quickly cash in some more money after the more successful and better previous two Blade movies. I didn't expected this to be so but this was the worst movie I have seen, in the last couple of months.


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