(Review originally written at 6 June 2005)

The movie its story is highly original and the movie's subject is handled in a good way. It is what makes "Secretary" a one of a kind movie experience.

The movie beautifully tells the unusual love-story of the secretary (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and her boss (James Spader). The two subtly slowly develop a sadomasochistic relationship at the office. It's a subject that is not handled very often in a movie (atleast not in serious manner) and that is what makes "Secretary" an unique movie. It tells the story slowly and with lots of dark humor, making this movie a light and fun movie to watch rather than an heavy drama.

The movie is carried by director Steven Shainberg and the main cast. Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader (Hard to believe it's the same guy who played Daniel Jackson in "Stargate".) are acting really solid and make the story work and make the movie believable. Other solid performance comes from Jeremy Davies. This guy is on his way of winning an Oscar in not too long from now.

The subject is handled in a good and believable way but the movie is 'too little' to be considered controversial or a must see and it has a bit too many odd moments. It just is a fun solid movie that you will not regret watching.


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