(Review originally written at 5 June 2005)

This is about as entertaining as a movie can get!

You can tell by watching this movie that cast and crew worked together as one big family. A lot of cast and crew members of the first three Lethal Weapon movies returned in this movie. That is the biggest power of the movie.

The story itself actually is quite weak, messy and not always easy to follow. This is due that the story was still being written during production and all the scene's had to be shot in chronically order in order to finish the movie in time. But this seriously is one of those movies were the story is of no importance at all. The true power of the movie is in the characters and their relations. There are some incredible fun sidetracks in the story and some amusing dialog.

Additions to the cast for this movie are Chris Rock as an highly enjoyable police officer and new partner for future Lethal Weapon movies (?) and Jet Li in his first American movie, as the new main villain. Both were really good and enjoyable in their role. I dislike both actors right now actually but at the time of "Lethal Weapon 4" they were still two unknown actors therefor there is no reason to dislike them in this movie for me. Another fun role is played by Kim Chan, who's character involves at least one hilarious scene.

Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are still amazingly good and fun together, after already three Lethal Weapon movies and are truly a golden screen duo. Other welcome returning actors are Rene Russo and Joe Pesci. It's funny, I normally don't like Rene Russo in movies but this is one of the few I can stand her in. Joe Pesci is fun as ever as hyperactive Leo Getz.

The movie also features some top-class action sequences and fights, making this movie not just one of the most entertaining but also best action movie's of the last couple of years. The movie's opening is just great! Maybe even better than the well known opening for "Lethal Weapon 3".

Seriously one of the most entertaining movies of the last couple of years.


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