(Review originally written at 6 June 2005)

This movie is a big improvement over the disappointing part 2 of the series. In my opinion the movie is even on par with the original.

This movie quite possibly is the most entertaining one of the bunch. Even though there is some drama once more, this movie is just mainly entertaining. Main reason for this is because of the 'main villain' Clubber Lang, played by Mr. T. Oh man what a character!

The boxing scene's look better than ever and the movie features quite some matches. You will just never grow tired of those spectacular filmed boxing matches!

The story itself is actually also quite solid. I just love how they made Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) fit in this movie again. The drama, even though it of course all is very predictable is handled very well also once more mainly thanks to Talia Shire's acting skills. Sylvester Stallone is acting a bit disappointing in this one...but still he simply just IS Rocky.

Brilliant entertainment!


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