(Review originally written at 29 May 2005)

This movie is right up there with classics like "The Godfather" and "Goodfellas".

The story for "Scarface" is absolutely brilliant and has many interesting different sidetracks and story lines. The way the story is told is absolutely great and the movie features some classic and original scene's and moments. Especially the ending is a memorable one.

Paul Muni's performance as Tony Camonte is really great. OK he ain't no Al Pacino but he still plays the character with lots of passion and profession. Paul Muni is really an underrated actor, I mean this guy has been nominated for an Oscar 6 times and won one of those but yet he is unknown to the most of us. Another fine role is played by George Raft as a typical stereotype gangster that loves to flip coins (and killing people of course).

The atmosphere is perfectly 'dark' like you would expect from a good gangster movie. Although the movie is pretty violent it isn't a heavy movie to watch, mainly because there also is room for some (at times misplaced) almost slapstick like comedy. Further more there is some good action with lot's of machine guns and spectacular crashing cars.

A bit outdated here and there but especially for the fan of gangster movies this is a must see. You'll notice how much this movie influenced later gangster movies. Also perfectly watchable and recommendable if you're a fan of the 1983 remake with Al Pacino.


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