(Review originally written at 12 July 2005)

This movie is just pure cinematic brilliance. It's up there with Scorsese's other masterpieces; "Goodfellas" and "Taxi Driver".

Let's face it people, the story isn't that awfully strong (Supposedly the script took only 2 weeks to write.). But yet the movie is extremely powerful and interesting to watch because of mainly 2 aspects; Scorsese's fantastic, almost poetic directing and the performances by all of the actors.

Robert De Niro, Cathy Moriarty and Joe Pesci give away some impressive acting performances. All three were nominated for an Oscar but only De Niro got to take the statue home with him. Also the fact that he gained an impressive 60 pounds for his role as the 'older' Jake La Motta must have helped him with his win.

The movie is filmed in atmospheric black & white. The camera angles are all extremely simple but they work extremely effective. The classical music by Pietro Mascagni also adds to the atmosphere of the movie.

The directing and acting truly make this movie memorable and interesting to watch. Even the scene's were nothing is really happening are made with such profession that it's a shear pleasure to watch. The boxing scene's are filmed highly original and with much gore (Ever seen a nose being broken?). I especially like the boxing matches between La Motta and Sugar Ray Robinson.

But this movie is way more than just a boxing or sports movie. The drama in the movie is powerful and feels real as well as the emotions. There are some truly impressive, powerful and memorable scene's.

It's just simply one of those movie were 'everything feels right' and works well. There is nothing wrong with this piece of cinematic brilliance and this movie proofs that Scorsese was and perhaps still is one of the best directors to have ever lived.


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