(Review originally written at 14 July 2005)

This movie is realistic in many ways. The way the two brothers play, the way the boy meets the girl, everything is made just as it would happen in real life. Yep, it's Scandinavian movies at its best.

The story is oh so simply but oh so recognizable. A boy is playing with his younger brother in the dunes, suddenly a young girl turns up, the boy who is obviously in the beginning of discovering his sexuality is of course immediately taking interest in this young girl. The younger brother doesn't like it and doesn't understand and maybe even gets a bit jealous, all he wants is to play with his older brother. At the ending the boy is forced to make a choice between his younger brother and perhaps the opportunity to fool further around with this young girl.

The way the story is told and filmed is excellent. Nothing feels like it couldn't happen in real life. OK maybe the acting isn't exactly top-class but it's all about the story in this short.

I'm sure that this short is not easy to catch but be sure to not miss the opportunity to see this one when you get the chance.


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