(Review originally written at 11 July 2005)

The talking in this movie just seemed endless! Especially in the beginning of the movie, way too little is going on on screen. The movie just drags on and on and doesn't seem to be heading anywhere. Granted that the movie becomes good and interesting at the ending but its not enough to completely save this movie from being a small failure.

Don't be fooled people, this movie ain't no horror. Nothing scary is ever happening on screen and this movie is merely just a drama movie. I think however, because Karloff is in it, this movie has always been advertised as an horror movie.

Karloff himself is in absolute top form as British gentleman. His acting is superb! The rest of the characters however are quite underdeveloped and not really interesting enough to help to carry this movie.

The fans of Boris Karloff his acting will be delighted by this movie, everyone else, you better just skip this one!


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