(Review originally written at 8 August 2005)

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"Psycho" is one of those movies everybody knows, over the entire world. It is regarded as a true horror classic and for a good reason. "Psycho" might not be a movie that scares you but it certainly is a 'creepy' movie with a chilling Anthony Perkins as the 'psycho' Norman Bates.

The directing by Alfred Hitchcock is truly masterful. He tells the story with lots of almost poetic like style of directing. There are many sequences that I truly regard as classic and renewing for the genre and no, I am not just only talking about the famous shower-scene. Also the role the characters play in the movie is really done superb. I mean, the character who we'll all think will be the hero and main character in the beginning, gets killed half way through the movie, how brilliant is that? This movie opened the door for more adult horror with layers. Before this most horror movies were movies with a supernatural story and monsters in it. This is one of the most important movies that made horror movies what they are today.

Another factor that makes this movie a classic is the 'villain' played by Anthony Perkins. He plays a truly chilling psychopath what makes his character a truly classic one.

Also the musical score only consisting out of stringed instruments by Bernard Hermann is a real classic. Most people will probably only remember the music used during the famous shower-scene, a shame because the rest of the score is also magnificent and deserves to be heard by everyone. Hermann and Hitchcock were truly both, two persons that were ahead of their time.

Basically it's pointless whether to recommend this movie or not, since this is a movie that literally almost every person has already seen.

One of the most influential, flawless, chilling, classic movie ever made.


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