(Review originally written at 7 August 2005)

This is one of those movies of which you immediately know, from the beginning on, how it's going to end. Still the movies is nicely made and the ending is build up well towards the predictable and sappy but yet suitable ending.

Basically this is nicely made teenage-no-worries comedy, with a totally ridicules and not even original story but with a warm feeling and characters. What makes the movie better than most other movies from the genre is that this movie features Jamie Lee Curtis. She was the highlight of the movie and acts truly superb as teenage girl in a grown-up body. She rightfully received a Golden Globe nomination for her role in this movie. I probably will never become a Lindsay Lohan fan but so be it...she does her job well and acts like a true professional on the job. The movie is filled with some fun other characters that probably are better and more interesting than the two main characters.

The movie works well, as a light hearted comedy and has some fun moments in it. It's not really a movie that makes you laugh out loud but it is a movie that makes you feel good and happy.

Probably best recommendable if you are a teenage-girl but everyone else should also still be able to appreciate this formulaic but nicely made movie, as I did as well.


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