(Review originally written at 8 August 2005)

Sure, "The Day After Tomorrow" is entertaining enough to watch but as a movie it isn't really a good one. The characters are flat and hollow and the story lacks substance and a well build up ending. Also they manage once more to put in some cliché disaster movie moments and over-dramatized and unlikely moments.

I'm sure director Roland Emmerich also tried to make a political statement with this movie but he fails terribly with all of his attempts in this movie. In the movie the American government seems more concerned with their budget than the global environment and express this arrogantly openly in public. Well not even in real life the American government is THAT arrogant as portrayed in this movie. All those scene's were Emmerich tries to make a political statement are rather laughable and unlikely than anything else really.

Yes, sure the movie has some nice and cool looking special effects with lots of stuff getting crushed, demolished and blown away ala Emmerich's other movie, "Independence Day" but thats about the only good and positive thing that can be said about this movie. The story itself is quite ridicules and unlikely and doesn't feel realistic enough because everything is over-dramatized so much, just like in disaster movies from the '70's was always the case. The movie is filled with some pointless action (the wolves attack) and pointless characters (the English always tea-drinking Ian Holm character and friends for instance)

Having a story-line focusing on a group of young student children is always risky, since most of the time they are always portrayed by annoying and bad actors. This however is not the case in this movie. Jake Gyllenhaal and Emmy Rossum are splendid actors and they manage to portray some likable characters.

This movie is fairly watchable as entertainment but it still is not a movie that I would recommend to everyone.


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