(Review originally written at 6 February 2005)

Although the movie is not THAT bad, it still is a disappointing end to the series.

Huge problem is the horrible script. I think it's not fair to blame the actors for doing a poor job, I think it's all due to the poorly written dialog and dumb situations. They also should have left the Kane character alone, after Julian Beck's death they should have come up with a new and different 'villain'. It is especially the beginning of the movie that is extremely bad and almost B-movie like with horrible dialog and 'comedy'.

Nice thing is that this is Lary Flynn Boyle's first role in a movie. At the time of this film she was still looking normal and was eating her food it seemed. Richard Fire as Dr. Seaton was one of the highlights of the movie, he seemed like the only one that knew in what for a mess of a movie he got into. It made his character enjoyable and humor full.

The special effect certainly aren't a disappointment in this movie and the mirror effects are great, although heavily overused throughout the entire movie.

But what ever happened to the music? Jerry Goldsmith's score for the previous two Poltergeist movies was perfect. In this movie the famous Carol Anne's theme isn't even used once in any variation. Shame on you Joe Renzetti.

If you still thought that "Poltergeist II: The Other Side" was watchable enough for you, than "Poltergeist III" might also be very well worth your time.


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