(Review originally written at 6 February 2005)

This movie really feels like a incoherent mess.

Couldn't they at least have tried to be original? It's like Joe Eszterhas picked up his old "Basic Instinct" script and simply started changing some of the characters names and added or changed just some few situations. They pathetically tried to surprise the audience with some plot twist that you could see from miles away. Halfway trough the movie I already knew who the person was they were chasing. That means either two things; I'm smart or the writer is just stupid, I think that the second one sounds more probable. And what was with the final plot twist at the end? That really didn't made sense as did the entire movie that was just filled with some major plot holes.

Also the style was very incoherent. Only the second half of the movie the movie gets a nice visual style with some good camera-work.

Still the movie is perfectly watchable for one simple reason; The car chases. The car chases and crashes are really spectacular like you could expect from director William Friedkin, the guy who brought us "The French Connection". Although it is a bit strange that no matter how hard the cars crash into thing, in the next shot the car always looks tip-top again.

Watchable but most certainly not recommendable soft-erotic/thriller.


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