(Review originally written at 19 December 2005)

This movie is a good early '70's attempt at the thriller genre. The movie has a well written story and concept but the slow style of directing doesn't use the movie its story and concept to the max and there are some unnecessary slow and distracting sequences that don't really feel connected with the rest of the movie. The movie had more potential really. This movie was Clint Eastwood's directorial debut and his lack of experience is showing at times. Of course his style and skills improved hugely in the following years and honestly, this movie really isn't a bad debut.

Reason why this movie is better than the average thriller is Jessica Walter. She really was superb in her role and was truly chilling at times. Her performance really impressed me and her Golden Globes nomination for this movie was in place.

The movie lacks some real tension but still there are some good memorable typical thriller sequences but unfortunately there are too few of those moments to fully make this movie a memorable or a must see thriller. There isn't really an awful lot wrong with this movie but its just that its lacking some real good and unique moments which is mainly due to the inexperienced way of directing and storytelling.

A good, watchable early thriller that could had been a real classic though.


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