(Review originally written at 16 December 2005)

But still I don't fully understand why this movie become such a huge hit and got such a high rating on here. Sure it's good entertainment but it's far from the best comedy I have ever seen. There are some good and well made sequences that are really funny but there also are multiple lame moments in the movie and the story itself also isn't exactly solid.

John Cho and Kal Penn are good and fun as the main characters but they aren't actors that will gain an huge star status. What makes the movie really fun and work are the other crazy characters that pop up in this movie. The movie mainly consists out of several different crazy situations that don't always exactly feel connected, which gives the movie a bit of an incoherent feeling at times and the movie isn't always constantly fun to watch. There are some weaker and lame moments in this movie which makes this movie a just above average 'silly' comedy. A better script would had definitely made this movie a better one.

Still of course the movie is perfectly entertaining to watch if you want to have some silly crazy fun without having to think too much.

Not exactly the comedy of the decade but certainly a perfectly watchable and entertaining one.


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