(Review originally written at 20 December 2005)

Guess this sort of stuff just isn't my cup of tea. There are some weird and odd moments in this filmed 'stage' performance of the Greek play The Bacchantes. Not everything made an awful lot of sense to me and that is the reason why to me some of the scene's were totally impossible to follow, making this movie an almost completely unwatchable one at times.

Still the story is intriguing enough and so is the way it is told. The two main characters are extremely well performed by Will Shepherd and William Finley. The two of them also have some great stage chemistry together.

The way Brian De Palma cut this movie entirely in split screen makes the story work even better and certainly doesn't make this movie a boring one to watch. There is always something happening and the split screen help to make the story and scene's work better since you can obviously show and tell more within 2 screens than in rather just 1 of course.

It's an interesting, intriguing and certainly unusual project to watch. This sort of stuff isn't exactly my idea of having a good and fun time of watching something but it still was a good experience to watch, that certainly does have its moments.


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