(Review originally written at 29 December 2004)

Soderbergh goes Tarantino style. "Out of Sight" has a Quentin Tarantino like story, similar to a movie like "Pulp Fiction". In a way it is good but it just misses the brilliance that Tarantino knows to put in his movies. "Out of Sight" is a good movie but it doesn't really add anything, also the story could have been handled in a better way.

George Clooney is always at his best in roles like this. The chemistry he has with Jennifer Lopez is surprising good and all of their sequences together are like fireworks, the trunk sequence is a classic in my opinion. The cast is filled with some more great stars such Ving Rhames, Dennis Farina, Don Cheadle, Albert Brooks and some small roles and cameo's by Nancy Allen, Luis Guzmán, Michael Keaton and the always cool BMF Samuel L. Jackson.

Sodenbergh sure knows how to make a movie fun. The movie is more fun than violent or anything really, so if a movie like "Pulp fiction" is a bit too heavy for you, this might be the perfect alternative for you to watch.

The story is most at the times only so, so. At times it comes close of being clever and brilliant but it never really gets to it.

Yet the movie is perfectly watchable mainly because of the characters and the fun feeling the movie has. Sodenbergh delivered yet another fun and watchable movie, even though it's not a real must see.


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