(Review originally written at 29 December 2004)

This is a very well executed comedy but it just ain't no classic in my book.

The story is well executed but it's just a little bit too flat and standard in my opinion. The style is typical eighties like, meaning the visual style is practically zero. I don't what it is with me and eighties style movies, I just don't like it. Seventies movies had style, nineties movies had style, current movies are having an own unique style, eighties movies just didn't, although there are exceptions of course.

Eddie Murphy was surprising good in his role, he shows that he is a real comedy expert. The rest of the cast consists out of actors such as Dan Akroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis, Denholm Elliott (I was very excited to see Elliot in this role, I had only seen him in his Indiana Jones roles) and some small parts played by James Belushi and Frank Oz (great to see him without a puppet attached to him).

The movie has some funny moments variation from hilarious to just funny. The whole bit in the train cabin was priceless, when Eddie Murphy pretended to be a Cameroonian student, I couldn't stop laughing.

Good comedy but it's getting a bit outdated and standard.


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