(Review originally written at 2 January 2005)

What a stylish and fun movie this was!

The movie was different than what I expected. I expected a weird movie with a typical style similar to maybe a Tim Burton movie. The movie however had a very easy to watch style which makes this movie very accessible to watch for all people.

The story is filled with some wonderful and comical situations and not so likely characters.

The cast does a very good job although in my opinion George Clooney was at times overacting a little. Holly Hunter is always a pleasure to watch and I really loved her in this movie. Two fun small unforgettable parts are played John Goodman and Michael Badalucco. I also enjoyed seeing Wayne Duvall in this movie, I never really liked him as an actor in his role in "The District" but he really impressed me in this movie.

A very fun and stylish, easy to watch, movie.


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