(Review originally written at 12 March 2004)

This movie was really impressive and quite an experience to see. Who would have ever known that a silent movie would still be so powerful now days.

The power of the movie is in the fantastic atmosphere. The sets and environments are perfect and give the movie an unique atmosphere that actually is very creepy, even now days. It's also thanks to the cinematography that captured the images perfectly. One of the most atmospheric movies I have ever seen.

The story is told in a great way and I must say that it's told better than any other Dracula movie later released. The movie is full with some classic horror scene's that later would inspire many other filmmakers.
And yes the movie is actually scary, which is mainly thanks to Max Schreck who plays the part of Count Orlok in a most incredible way, also helped by some good make up. Most of the other performances are typically early movie stuff. Meaning that it's silly over the top at times. Gustav von Wangenheim gives a great lesson in overacting and his laugh might very well be the weirdest I have ever seen in a movie. But in a way all those performances give the movie a certain charm which makes it irresistible to watch.

There are also some surprising good special effects. Better one's as in the 1931 version with Bela Lugosi anyway. Some of them were really impressive and I can imaging it really seriously freaked some people out back in 1922.

Truly a piece of movie history that needs to been seen by the movie lovers, especially by those who like the horror genre. Still after 82 years one of the best horror movies of all time.


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