(Review originally written at 13 March 2004)

The success of the movie is mainly thanks to Tom Hanks performance that awarded him his first Oscar nomination.

The story and the movie itself are pretty simple and a bit corny at times but who really cares? It is a family movie and doesn't need any complexity. The only thing that troubled me about the story was that Josh did all kind of things that an 12 year old would never do when he finds himself in a grown up body. Instead of doing all kind of grown up things and taking advantage of it in certain situations, he chooses to do all kind of playful things, which was a bit corny and simple in my opinion but that's why it's a family movie.

It sounds weird but I think this movie is already a bit outdated even though it is only 16 years old. The story and the toys and the use of it are the main reasons why I think it is outdated and why kids might not find this movie so appealing as kids did 16 years ago. Also, the typical '80's soundtrack (you know what I mean) doesn't make the movie any younger.

The characters and the actors are good. John Heard plays aside from Tom Hanks a good role.

Above average comedy that is worth seeing but that will not stand the test of time.


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