(Review originally written at 5 March 2006)

What makes this movie better than most other movies from its genre, is that it obviously doesn't take itself very serious. The result of this is that the movie is a very fun one to watch.

The movie is an extremely gory one, with gallons of blood and some nice make-up effects, so fans of all of that will be absolutely delighted by this movie. The movie does at times shock with its images but really, the movie remains more fun than anything else really. The humor in the movie is very dark and it has some absolutely priceless and original moments in it, that are so odd and surreal that you MUST laugh. It helps to make "Re-Animator" a very enjoyable and entertaining movie to watch.

The story of the movie is absolutely great. It's simple but all very well executed. It really is the fact that the movie obviously doesn't take itself serious that makes the over-the-top, unrealistic story work so well. Perhaps not everything in the movie works out as solid as it could had been, because of that very same reason but it in no way makes "Re-Animator" less enjoyable to watch.

The main characters of the movie aren't really charismatic enough, with the exception of David Gale who plays the main bad guy of the movie. The characters don't make a solid enough impression and make the movie less solid as it could had been. Not really only the actors fault but also director Stuart Gordon who perhaps lied the emphasis of the movie a bit too much on the gore and dark-comical elements of the movie at times.

There are absolutely some great and certainly original sequences in the movie, which all helps to make this movie a very memorable one. When a head and I mean just a head, is raping a young woman you know you're watching an original, horror cult-movie. It's a very unique movie, which humor, gory and graphics might not appeal to everyone but to the fans of over-the-top, campy, gory horror-movies this is an absolute must-see!


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