(Review originally written at 8 July 2005)

Best way to describe to movie is visual splendor! "Moulin Rouge!" is a feast for the eyes and thanks to the use of music also for the ears!

To be honest I didn't expected to like this movie as much as I did. I never have been really impressed with director's Baz Luhrmann style. I however love the way he directed this movie. I'm still not a fan of him but I can certainly appreciate his talent more now. He directed this movie with lots of visual splendor and a good pace but also with an eye for the more emotional scene's.

The movie is well casted, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor are terrific leading actors and a good screen duo and John Leguizamo, Richard Roxburgh and David Wenham are almost unrecognizable! The performances in the movie by the actors are top-class and Kidman and McGregor also are surprising good singing talents.

I love the way they mixed the all well known music together and the way they made it blend with the images on the screen.

As for the story itself, I found it all terribly predictable but still with the images and music put under it, it is a original movie experience. "Moulin Rouge!" certainly is an unique, one of a kind movie.

See this movie at least once in your lifetime.


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