(Review originally written at 8 July 2005)

The title of the movie is about the most original and clever thing about this movie.

What on Earth went wrong with John Singleton's career. He started of so well with his debut "Boyz n the Hood" but after his debut he continued with only making some uneven movies, with the exception of "Rosewood" maybe (have yet to see that movie, so I can't yet judge about that.).

This movie is just totally lame. The characters and events are supposed to be 'cool' but I kept thinking to myself the whole time; Man, those guys and gals are some serious losers that need to get a job! It just felt so pointless and totally unbelievable all that are actually are persons who live a life as a street-racer or street-racer groupie, like portrayed in this movie.

Oh and in the end what is the message of the movie? That crime pays? This movie just gives a totally wrong message...

The dialog is shockingly bad and the way the two main characters are portrayed is just plain weird at times. I agree with some of the people that say that this movie has a homo-erotic undertone. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just silly to watch and unfitting.

The action is almost James Bond like at times, meaning that it's highly unbelievable. It's a shame because the race sequence's are of course the scene's that were supposed to impress the most but instead they are just plain silly at times.

But seriously, it's far from being the worst movie of all time. It still offers some entertainment at times and Eva Mendes is not a punishment to look at. On top of that she's a great actress and definitely gave the best performance of the movie. Paul Walker also ain't a bad actor but the way he was acting like a cool guy at times in this movie made me cringe. It was too lame to watch at times.

For what it's worth, it's just as good (read bad) as the first movie.


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