(Review originally written at 9 July 2005)

"Stille Nacht" is average in many ways. It's one of those typical movies were there is not an awful lot wrong with but it also ain't exactly anything special to watch. A typical 6 out of 10 movie. Watchable but not that highly recommendable.

A thing that could have helped to make this movie a better one is the script. It's obvious that they wanted to create a realistic story and atmosphere, which makes it even more silly that yet the have put in some typical 'Hollywood' thriller moments in the movie, including a typical Hollywood like ending. All of the male characters in the movie are also portrayed as sexual obsessed creatures. The anti-male message is a bit too much present for my taste.

The acting is good but the good actors can't help concealing some of the weak dialog at times. There are some truly talented young actresses in this movie, of which I'm sure we will hear a lot more about in the future (well, at least in The Netherlands we will.).

The typical thriller like atmosphere is good and the movie is overall well executed. Ineke Houtman is a good and talented director, if you get the chance, see her other movie "Madelief: Krassen in het tafelblad", it's one of the best executed and powerful children dramas I have ever seen. As for this movie, it's a good attempt but the script could have used some more work. Less Hollywood moments next time please, it would have helped to make the movie more believable and realistic.

If you get the chance, see it on TV some time. It's not really worth owning it on DVD.


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