(Review originally written at 12 September 2005)

Every now and then, an original concepts gets turned into an highly original movie. "Memento" is a fine example of original movie-making at its very best.

It's impossible to fully describe what this movie is about. Best thing is to watch this movie with a clear head in order to follow the movie. But even then some parts of the movie remain confusing. Because of this "Memento" is a perfect movie to watch multiple times, every time you will discover a new fact or things like that. The story is told beautifully and highly original with flashbacks and jumps in time. Basically the whole same story is told over and over again but every time you get to know a little bit of more information. Sounds confusing doesn't it? Well, don't say I didn't warned you...

Christopher Nolan provides this movie with a brilliantly suiting visual style and directs the movie with lots of flair and pace. Truly a good young director of which we will hear way more in the near future. He also already made real fame by the 'casual' movie viewer by directing the stylish blockbuster hit "Batman Begins". Not only is he a great director, he also is a great writer.

The acting in the movie is really solid. Guy Pearce is a great leading man and he is supported by some wonderful actors in the supporting cast: Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano.

Because that the movie and its story are so original you never know what is going to happen next. It's a typical independent movie, without any clich├ęs or other distracting elements. Yet the movie is more accessible then it sounds. Every person should be able to appreciate this movie and be absolutely captivated by it.

An unique movie experience that is highly recommendable to everyone!


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