(Review originally written at 14 September 2005)

"Minority Report" is one visually splendid looking movie. It's a science-fiction movie made with lots of style and eye for detail for an imaginary futuristic society. Everything is nicely constructed which makes the movie somewhat believable to watch. Also non-fans of the science-fiction genre will probably enjoy seeing this movie.

The movie perfectly mix entertaining lighthearted action and thought provoking issues.

Steven Spielberg really is one great actor director. Tom Cruise is truly superb as the main character John Anderton. This movie also marked the breakthrough for now well known actor Colin Farrell who really is excellent in his role! It might very well be his very best role yet and when I saw this movie in the cinema back in 2002 I was really impressed by this 'new' unknown actor and expected great things from him in the future. It's a bit of a shame that he has never surpassed his "Minority Report" role yet and his choices of roles aren't always good but I still regarded him as a very good actor. Other fine roles are portrayed by movie veteran Max von Sydow, Steve Harris (probably best known for his role in "The Practice"), Neal McDonough who worked with Spielberg before previously on the 10 part mini-series "Band of Brothers", Lois Smith, Tim Blake Nelson and Peter Stormare.

Truly the best thing of the movie is the look of it. Cinematographer Janusz Kaminski really surpasses himself at times and the use of light at times is simple stunning. There also is nothing wrong with the special effects and they look highly realistic and convincing, without ever overusing them. For some odd reason neither of those two elements were nominated for an Oscar. The only nomination it received was for 'Best Sound Editing'.

To be honest, I have never been fond of the whole conspiracy theory element of the movie and I thought it was unfitting for the movie. It was a bit too heavy for such an entertaining movie as this one.

All in all to be honest this wasn't exactly a movie I was blown away by but I most certainly was entertained by it. Maybe not as good as people always say it is but it certainly is still a very recommendable movie.


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