(Review originally written at 6 September 2005)

This movie very long and very old but it never feels boring or outdated.

The movie is truly carried by the actor's performances. The movie has quite some big names in it; Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Olivia de Havilland, goodness what a dream-cast. They all manage to portray intriguing, realistic and interesting characters with their own strong personalities. The really make the story work on both dramatic as romantic levels. This movie is not regarded a classic and perhaps the ultimate romantic movie, just for no reason.

The story is long but it needs to be. It covers the transition from young girl like, young woman Scarlett O'Hara to a strong woman that has to make some hard choices in her life. Her story is told very subtle and the dramatic moments are build up nicely which provides them with maximum effect to us the viewers.

Technically there also is very little wrong with the movie. Of course the costumes and sets are impressive and so the refreshing cinematography by Ernest Haller, Lee Garmes and Ray Rennahan and of course the well known musical score main theme composed by Max Steiner.

The movie has a very epic feeling and some impressive war scene's from the civil war and other unforgettable and impressive moments, which this movie is truly filled with.

Still the movie is a bit too 'blah' at times and I in generally aren't very fond of costume drama's, that are the only reasons which prevent me from giving a perfect 10 out of 10 score. The movie is glued perfectly together by both cast and crew and make this movie a pioneering achievement in movie history.


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