(Review originally written at 2 November 2006)

This is a very simple movie that relies on just one comical premise; a couple of grownups get fascinated at putting a puzzle together, while Oliver actually has a wedding to attend to. His own wedding!

At first this doesn't look like the most fun Laurel & Hardy short around but as the movie progresses it gets better and better. The more people show up putting the puzzle together, the more fun the movie gets. It's simple but it's still fun to see all those characters (Laurel & Hardy, a taxi driver, the butler, a policeman and a messenger boy) trying to put a puzzle together. It's simple childish humor but it works fun and effective. Also from the moment James Finlayson appears in the story, the movie begins to take a more slapstick form and the movie begins to features some fun slapstick moments, which of course eventually results in an huge brawl at the end of movie, between all of the characters.

Its simple comical premise works better than you at first sight would expect.

This really isn't the best written, most interesting or original Laurel & Hardy short but it's a perfectly fun, innocent movie to kill some time with.


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